This database is intended as an attempt to provide Borzoi exhibitors with an anonymous method to share information/opinions regarding AKC judges.  You may complete the individual surveys on judge that you have shown to, or you may view the results of their survey.

There is also a comments box on each judge's survey form - we ask that you keep comments civil and use this feature as a way to share more detailed information, and not for name-calling.

Currently the listings are mostly judges that reside in the United States. If you do not see a judge listed that you would like to comment on, please send their name to me.

We hope you find this a useful way to share information.  We ask that you realize that these opinions are subjective - the same as any judge's opinion on any given day.

  PLEASE NOTE: The messages and surveys in this area express the views of the author/survey taker, and are not necessarily the views of Borzoi Central.